Why Social Marketing Is A Double Edged Sword

Yifat Cohen asked me if “So – you and I will never grab some coffee together cause we’re not friends. We’re strategic alliances that help each other get traffic and sales.” in a conversation on Google+ about Social VS Email lists and Buyers VS Social Followings…

I replied to Yifat

No, it is a double edged sword.

#1 Buyers keep a roof over your head, without them none of us would survive.

#2 It is your friends and strategic alliances that give you traffic to be able to make sales.

#3 Your buyers do not share your posts because they do not want their competition to find where they are getting information that allows them to beat their competition.

#4 You never go out in the real world and meet the people you have come to know online so well, especially now that Google+ Hangouts have taken this a step further now.

One does not come without the other. You will also find fast that your best friends on social sites are rarely your buyers. Two months in pre launch with The Truth About Google+®, NOT ONE buyer of almost 200 have come from Google+. Not one has ever commented or shared me here but for one or two.

Almost everyone of them that bought have bought over and over for 4 to 5 years now. They know me, they trust me, they are on my list.

You will all find this out if and when you sell your own products and I am sure many of you already do. Google Analytics only goes so far. Knowing who is who is much more important. That is another key thing that social does, it allows you to get to know your list. Every list and following is different, but after 12 years in this biz, and 4 years of driving millions of views with social sites, social friends and buyers just maybe two very different things.

But like +Jack Humphrey and I talked about, it is a personal trust and LIKE issue that makes sales, not how many G+ followers you have. Make sense?

This brings us back to a conversation with Jack Humphrey in the video below…

This conversation has led Margie and I to consider ding a US HIRL (hangout in real life) roadshow to go meet our social friends and followings this summer. What do you think? US HIRL tour a good idea? Or not?

Setting Google Analytics Goals To Track Social Conversions

What are goals in Google Analytics? If you can’t answer that question then you definitely need to watch this video.

Map with you are here arrow

If you are on my Social Marketing newsletter you have been seeing me talk a lot about measuring Social Media Marketing efforts. If not, then here is your first order of business.

“How can you know where you are going, If you don’t know where you have been?” – 3 Doors Down

Watch this video and get your email opt in goals set up, and if you have your own product, then get goals set up for that next.

The “Path” to the Goals section is different now, here’s how to find it:

  1. Log into the site profile that you want to set Goals for
  2. (profiles are new name for accounts and sites now)
  3. Now click “Admin” on the top right of page
  4. Now Click Goals
  5. Follow the set up in the video below

Most goals only require a page on your site, that the visitor is redirected to after completing the action you want them to take. The first thing you should be tracking is your visitor opt in. I use AWeber for that and recommend you do the same.

You can see how I do this starting with a squeeze page. I track both the single opt in, the double opt in and the path to the Google Plus For Business report I offer.

I track the Thank You page, the Whitelist page and then finally the report itself. At the minimum you should be tracking your email list opt ins. Why? Because social marketing is your lead funnel to your list. Last week every sale we made come from a special offer to my list. ZERO sales came from social traffic because I did not post my special offer publicly. That would not have made it special :]

How do I know that? Because I track everything with Google Analytics. I know what performs and why, PLUS I know what does not perform, where it does not perform, and why it does not perform there. You can build up this kind of insight over time too, but you have to start somewhere especially if much or your traffic comes from social sites like mine.

The first step is setting up goals like we show you very simply above. But you have to take the first step. Knowing where you have been is the first step to knowing where you are going. – Chris (borrowed from 3 doors down)

7 Hot Trends for your Social Media Success

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The Art Of Healing Book

As Margie, my wife begins to write her first book, The Art Of Healing, I just want to congratulate here on a job well done. You have come so far my love…

PayPal Now Sending Form 1099-K

PayPal for the first time is help us do our taxes with income totals via PDFs and sales summaries spreadsheets in the PayPal website

Here’s how to view and print your Form 1099-K:

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Select History > Tax Documents

PayPal also had this to say:

As required by the IRS, we’ve prepared a Form 1099-K for you. This form summarizes the gross payments you received through PayPal for the sales of goods or services during 2011. This form is available on PayPal.com.

You will also receive this form in the postal mail soon, if you haven’t received it already. We send this information to the IRS as well. If you reside in California, Hawaii or New York, we also report this information to your state’s tax authority.

Really, this is a welcome addition, prior to this I had to create the spreadsheet and total sales myself. Loving this a lot!

25 Super Bowl Social Marketing Take Aways

Every year, I watch the Super Bowl with pen and paper to take down notes. Here’s my 25 Social Marketing tips from the best marketing and copy writers on Earth

Tom Brady reacts via Yahoo Sports

When the Giants win the coin toss, one of the Giants held out his hand to shake the hand of the Patriot across from him. The Patriot turned his back on him, no handshake returned. You tell me what that said to you please…

Hulu shows us the first hastag of the commercial hashtags. #huluplus

Hulu Videos =>

Hundai Genisis at 429 HP is a muscle car. I want one.

Audi hashtagged #solongvampires

At 8:32 seconds into the game, Louis Gray posted:

“If only +Chris Messina had devised a scheme to get micropayments for every #hashtag … he would be living high, if today’s commercials are any indication. But you know how it is with standards… they are better when they are free. #superbowl #ads”

Bottom line: Patent your original ideas, or…?

8:52 into the game, Hundai had scored 3 great commercials, everyone else, 0.

After a saftey and 12 men on the field via the Patroits I am reminded: “It’s not what you do right that wins the game, it’s not doing things wrong…”

MnM’s should not dance naked :]

MnM’s revealed =>

Dave drove a Ford LOL

When you do finally see the Lexus ad, you have seen so many great Hundai ads that you think the Lexus is a Hundai for a second or two.

I didn’t see nuthin’

Great video for #caturday =>

I have never in my life ever seen anything like quite like the Madonna halftime show.

What has happened to our kids today when we have to force them to go run and play 60 minutes a day?

SEX SELLS – Always has, always will. This is about the sexiest commercial ever made.

For the guys Video =>

For the girls video =>

Twice with an open field in front of him Brady does not run the ball. I begin to hate Brady…

If he had run the ball, would it have been a smart decision?

We see the most basic lesson to be learned about marketing any product:

  • Budwiser: Rebrand, Relanch.
  • NBC: Rebrand, Relaunch.
  • Acura NSX: Rebrand, Relaunch.

For the first time in years we will be watching a major network prime time to see “The Voice” and “Smash” tonight, because of the ads for them during the Super Bowl. Nice job NBC.

I am amazed at how effective the Coke ads are because they are all linked together. This is Product Launch Formula being used in TV advertising. Tell a story, or go home guys.

See All Coke Videos =>

At 57 seconds Brady gives us a great Super Bowl. I root for Brady and jump up and down.

Thank you Tom Brady for making this a Super Bowl to remember…

And last but not least, “If you can’t handle losing, don’t play the frakin game” and that comes from someone who has won and lost the big game many times. I will win again, I will lose again, but above all I LOVE playing the frankin (bsg reference) game” – Chris Lang

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, our next dog is going to be named “We Go” and we will make $$$ on YouTube :]

Here We Go Video =>

DFMB Translation (don’t flame me bro)

What does DFMB stand for?

Well when Google+ was launched July 4th weekend and none of us really knew each other, comments could be misconstrued easily. So I kinda borrowed from the famous “Don’t Taze Me Bro” story. DFMB was born, standing for Don’t Flame Me Bro.

Meaning that I am not trying to be a jackass but you probably think I am so “Don’t Flame Me Bro” in return.

Just my little contribution to the Internet and Google+…

Oh, and here’s my latest invention, the Darth Vader smiley (:<||

Apple and iTunes To Become A Publishing House?

Mike Elgan has some awesome things to say about Apple, iPads, Amazon and Apple’s coming Thursday announcement… This is a must read for authors, info product creators and digital content publishers!

Picture of iPads in the classroom as textbooks

With Amazon’s all you can eat video and free shipping Amazon Prime business model, I have become a huge fan of Amazon for almost all of my on demand video needs. I mean I LOVE Amazon Prime. As a Linux user, I hate iTunes simply because it locks me out of using it.

But soon I may not have a choice of owning or not owning a Mac, or using iTunes as a person who, probably like you, makes his living selling how to products, PDFs and books. Now read on….

Mike says the war is on for the digital book store and it’s between Apple and Amazon.com, here’s what you will learn in Mike’s article…

  • Why Mike think’s Apple will begin the long process Thursday of reinventing the textbook industry as a stepping stone to eventually reinventing the entire publishing industry.
  • What’s Apple’s big advantage over Amazon? Apple has one massive advantage: A disproportionate percentage of authors use Macs.
  • Mike feels that authors would choose to work with Apple rather than Amazon.
  • Mike Elgan goes so far to say that “I also wouldn’t be surprised if Apple offered new special discounts for bulk purchases of iPads to schools.”

Now, if you know what’s good for you and if you only read one thing today read Apple’s War On Amazon Starts Thursday.

Live Keyword Research Drill Down With Howie Schwartz

It’s pretty rare you see a real SEO expert show you how to really find long tail keywords and long tail keyword research tactics only using Google search. My friend Howie is like a niche sniffing blood hound and he’s done it again…

Live keyword research picture

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Howie Schwartz – Internet Marketing Seminar

Here’s the Internet Marketing Replay of Howie Schwartz Live in Connecticut Taking Questions – And I Helped :]

Here’s what you will learn;

  • Blackhat is dead and why
  • Why you should become the authority in your niche
  • Google is a privilege not a god given right
  • 19 other things I don’t have time to tell you, just watch the dang thing, ok?

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