Email Whitelist Instructions Generator

Email whitelist your email and avoiding spam filters is easy. Some can be bypassed if your email is whitelisted by the user!

The actual application that generates the web page for you has moved to whitelist email instructions and generator application.

A recent study showed that only 22 percent of all email publications gave specific instructions to whitelist their newsletter. That is less that’s one in four with 78% not offering email whitelist instructions.

Whitelisting allows your subscribers to add your email address, your domain or your email server IP address (this is different than your server or site IP) to a list of sites NOT to be filtered. It just doesn’t give it priority, it sometimes avoids the filters altogether! In 99% of all filters white listing bypasses the filters and sends the email on to the recipient’s inbox without your email facing another filter.

In Hotmail, email whitelisting adds the sender to the “Safe senders” list. At Yahoo! email whitelisting assures the mail appears in the inbox rather than the Bulk folder. At AOL, Gmail and Hotmail email whitelisting enables HTML, clickable links and graphics.

Enter your information below to create a detailed set of email whitelist instructions for all major ISPs and spam filters. No information is recorded, it only creates a web landing page for you. You can see my generated whitelist instructions here…