Social Marketing and Digg Can Be Seen as a Negative Indicator in Google’s Eye

Using social marketing and Digg in particular the wrong way can actually hurt your blog’s Google rankings.

Another social marketing strategy is to use social bookmarking sites to create backlinks to your site.

I have found 15 sites so far that Google will follow back to your site and return a backlink in Google results.

However, think about this: If Digg has 5 million users and the average number of posts, from the Digg top 100 to the user who no longer participates is 1 post per day, that is 5 million posts.

How can you possibly expect that Google will see your 1 link in Digg in 5 million others as a backlink to your site. In fact if you submit your site to Digg and no one else Diggs it, I have come to feel that is a negative indicator in Digg’s eyes. the worst thing you can do is submit your Digg posts yourself and then get no Diggs.

One of my friends on Social Marketing Central wrote an article that went hot on the Internet. He got like 1500 visitors in a few days. The bad news is that he only got 18 Diggs. Now tell me this: Don’t you think that Google, that has access to the popularity of post on Digg just like we do, would not see 1500 visitors and 18 Diggs a negative indicator of this blog and the blog post itself?

I can easily get 100 to 200 Diggs for any article I want in Digg in 2 days. I do that through my own strategies and participation.

So social bookmarking if done wrong can actually hurt you. Social marketing is about being social, so be social on social bookmarking sites, don’t just submit you own content and expect that this will bring you results.

There are a number of other things you can do that will hurt your Google ranking from using Digg the wrong way, all in my Social Marketing Power course for FREE.


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    Alrighty Chris I’ve read like 5 or 6 of these posts and a squidoo thing too. So let me ask; what’s the goal here?
    1) To get a bunch of diggs?
    2) Show up in Google because of the diggs?
    3) Make money?

    Because at this point I’m not sure I see the value of social networking for money making anymore-unless of course you’re selling MMO stuff. Social’s good if you want to be read by many, but if you’ve got a ceiling fan shop I can’t see how a bunch of diggers is going to change your income.

    Now search engine traffic-those folks are looking for resolution-I can see how showing up well there can be effective. Most of my income comes from search traffic.

    Or is the goal trying to get backlinks? I mean, wouldn’t a thorough and regular article submission practice be more effective? So help me see what we’re going for.

    And let’s get you a subscribe to comments plugin!

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    This is how social bookmarking sites go Dave.

    You get Google credit when your blog posts are rated highly. If you use the sites I recommend you get back links too. Many times the actual bookmark will show up next to your listing. Cool.

    It takes at least 50+ Diggs. Your posts are then ranked higher in Google when you get a high number of votes.

    Next you backend your friends list to your newsletter and from there you can market to them. I have a few tricks for this.

    Social site traffic is worthless, they don’t subscribe and they don’t buy. If you follow everything in my book, you can get a very high opt in rate to your email autoresponder, (and it needs to be an autoresponder), and then a 20% to 30% buy rate from your subscribers. That translates to a 10% to 15% overall conversion rate.

    Dave, look right below this and there is a link called “RSS feed for comments on this post”, could that be what you are looking for? I don’t believe I need that plugin. Is it hard to see the link? I can move it to a better place it the ergonomics are bad. Let me know.