Setting Google Analytics Goals To Track Social Conversions

What are goals in Google Analytics? If you can’t answer that question then you definitely need to watch this video.

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If you are on my Social Marketing newsletter you have been seeing me talk a lot about measuring Social Media Marketing efforts. If not, then here is your first order of business.

“How can you know where you are going, If you don’t know where you have been?” – 3 Doors Down

Watch this video and get your email opt in goals set up, and if you have your own product, then get goals set up for that next.

The “Path” to the Goals section is different now, here’s how to find it:

  1. Log into the site profile that you want to set Goals for
  2. (profiles are new name for accounts and sites now)
  3. Now click “Admin” on the top right of page
  4. Now Click Goals
  5. Follow the set up in the video below

Most goals only require a page on your site, that the visitor is redirected to after completing the action you want them to take. The first thing you should be tracking is your visitor opt in. I use AWeber for that and recommend you do the same.

You can see how I do this starting with a squeeze page. I track both the single opt in, the double opt in and the path to the Google Plus For Business report I offer.

I track the Thank You page, the Whitelist page and then finally the report itself. At the minimum you should be tracking your email list opt ins. Why? Because social marketing is your lead funnel to your list. Last week every sale we made come from a special offer to my list. ZERO sales came from social traffic because I did not post my special offer publicly. That would not have made it special :]

How do I know that? Because I track everything with Google Analytics. I know what performs and why, PLUS I know what does not perform, where it does not perform, and why it does not perform there. You can build up this kind of insight over time too, but you have to start somewhere especially if much or your traffic comes from social sites like mine.

The first step is setting up goals like we show you very simply above. But you have to take the first step. Knowing where you have been is the first step to knowing where you are going. – Chris (borrowed from 3 doors down)