Social Marketing with Digg – Just What is a Digg User

The top ten things social marketers should know about Digg.

The most important point that this writer makes is that Digg users do not leave the site. They tend to comment and link to the pages on Digg. That makes sense to me.

I myself do not see much traffic or incoming links appearing from Digg. You can see what is hot on Digg in the last 24 hours here. Remember that Digg is a news oriented site and extrememly fresh posts do well.

Social Marketing Digg Tip

If you get up early enough to be the first to post a hot news article to Digg try this and track your conversions.

  • Instead of submitting the article directly to Digg, write a synopsis post about it on you blog.
  • Then link to the article in your post.
  • Use rel=”nofollow” in the link tag if you do not want to pass on your PageRank juice.
  • Use your best keywords in the title of your Digg post but keep the flavor of the original article headline.
  • Use your best keywords that describe the post in the Description text box.

Now if the article goes hot, your page becomes a landing page to the full article. You also get a little link juice from Digg in the link to you site.

DO NOT do this everytime in an attempt to spam Digg. If you think you can get a hot topic into Digg first and it has the potential to become popular then it is worth the effort. DO NOT just sumbit your pages to Digg and nothing more. This will only hurt you in a number of ways. What? You don’t think Google has already caught on to spamming social marketing?

Let me also point that social marketing and social networking are two different things. Social marketing is marketing you and your products, brand and content. Networking is about personal relationships, so while many of you will disagree I want to explain my use of the words.

He also points out that social marketing thru Digg does not convert all that well, in a number of areas. Digg users are very tech savvy oriented.

From the article….

Digg traffic does not generate new users, comments, or posts. Digg users often comment regarding a site on digg itself instead of on the dugg website. Even though we have often had easy ways for people to leave comments (no registration required), digg users typically do not post. Likewise, we do not get a bunch of new member registrations. They swing through, look around, and leave. I do not believe that phenomena is unique to just our site. Typically when I see forum or blog posts dugg, they do not get a big jump in comments either.”