If Vader Held Out His Hand What Would You Have Done?

I know what I would have done, do you?

A client declined my advice saying, “Can we do this in January? I have all this cool new code and ideas”….

I replied:


Sure the bad news is that it will be too late for you.

Nothing to do with me, but you will seriously have missed the opportunity of a life time.

Making money on the Internet: A great thing, I and you both love it David. However THAT is about money.

To have been one of 100 sites in the entire world to embrace THE most revolutionary moment
in Internet history: There is no price, not even priceless describes what is coming in the next
few weeks.

I am not talking Corporations, Plaxo, Facebook, CBS, Ning, the Cell makers, MySpace or any of the Big players taking sides.

I am talking about little average everyday sites like yours and mine.

This is Google and Microsoft, the two most powerful entities in the world slugging it out. I just got it at 11:58 last nite.

Why do you think Bill Gates retired? He saw it, he predicted it. We laughed at him. Google embraced it.

For the rest of your life, remember this moment, what Google is about to do will change the entire world forever. Not how we use the Internet, but how we live our lives.

How the world exchanges information, conusmes it and WHERE it lies.

Right now, is the beginning of the end for Microsoft, it is already over, they know it and there is not way to stop it. Facebook does not have the reach and Microsoft had the vision but not the simple execution.

As I look back on my self education on the Internet, 10 years of failure, everything I did turned wrong….

As I look back on every move Google made, starting with Gmail, the first Google property…..

As I see everything I that has occurred in the last ten years, it is all about this moment…..

David you can be one of the first to be a part of this, or you can tell the people around you in the nursing home how you read this and did not embrace a moment in history.

Adopt this now, give in to it completely and be one of only a few in the world at our level and it will carry you along with it and you won’t even have to try to make money. Instead this will make you.

Money means nothing at this point, we have a chance to see history being made from as close as people like you and I will ever get.

I feel like Darth Vader just asked me, his son to choose. Yes or no. I would have grabbed Vader’s hand and chosen the dark side when I was a kid in that movie theater.

Hence I choose to follow where Google is going to take me. This ain’t Hollywood and the lone Ranger ain’t gone ride of into the sunset with the with the girl next door.

This for many is a chance that only comes once in a life time, I know it is mine.

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  1. Posted November 25, 2008 at 10:08 pm | Permalink

    Wow, I have no idea who Dave is or what you two have been up to. However I do know that Dave is not here, man!
    I also notice the changes to your blog. It is Google all the way and I guess I have a lot to catch up on.