Digg Analytics Tools and How to Get More Diggs

Digg Analytics Tools Overview and five robust Digg tools to Get more Diggs and 5 video walk throughs.

This is a quick overview of the Digg analytics tools dashboard – Promote My Site web application.

Digg front page is easy with this Digg tool

How does the Digg top 100 get on the front page 30 times a day? They know what sites will go front page almost every time due to their own demographics and traffic.

Now you can too!

Digg Friend Finder Tool

My second, and a close second at that is the Interesting Diggers section. We’ve got a crack team constantly delving through our data to find Diggers that would make good friends, but aren’t necessarily the first people you would look at. In fact, you probably wouldn’t find the few hundred interesting Diggers out there out of the hundred thousand or so active Diggers. What makes an Interesting Digger? That would be Chris Lang, of course.

Seriously, a Interesting Digger is one that will Digg and shout your stories to support their friends, as you should.

Hot Digg articles to comment on report in real time

Leaving comments on any old post won’t do. It doesn’t do you any good if your comments aren’t seen or are seen by some jerk off that is just going to talk smack . The key is to be one of the first commenters on a story that makes it to the front page. Most people have left their settings to view comments in the default behavior, which is to order comments by oldest first. If you’re one of the first to comment, your picture shows up right above the fold for the story which will be seen by thousands.

The best way to do that is to look for stories that:

  • Are Submitted by a Top Digger.
  • Don’t have more than just a few comments.
  • Are on a story with enough votes to go front page.
  • Are on Diggable Content, stories that Diggers like and will Digg.

After you’ve gotten some experience, you’ll be able to easily spot stories that will make it to the front page. Concentrate on those stories.

Digg Submission Article Tracking Tools

How many times did you refresh a Digg story yesterday to see how many Diggs you got? 20? 30? More? At the minimum you wasted a half hour of your day that should have been spent marketing your products and making money. No more wasted time on Digg.

If you save a half hour a day times five days a week, time 50 weeks That is 125 hours a year you just saved from being wasted by Digg. I make $97 an hour and you probably make way more. That is $125,000 dollars I saved if you want to look at it from that view point.

So what price do you put on spending time with your family? Priceless.

This is just one tab of this Digg analytics solution and set of Digg tools.

UPDATE: Since Digg was nice enough to hunt down all or our servers and find all or our IP addresses and ban them all this application is no longer available. We have no moved our efforts to Google+ Marketing.

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