Chris Lang RANT: Not G rated and no holds barred!

My first subscriber, the first marketer that subscribed to this site, before it was even a blog sent me this message today…

Before you read this Chris Lang rant, you may want to get the history behind how a new spam filterM has kicked my ass.

Geff writes:

I’ve been doing OPT IN ONLY email marketing for 10 years. Each year since around 2001, it’s gotten worse & worse. I don’t think it’s currently possible for a small business like mine to deal with all the corporate bs that’s overtaken the internet.

As sales have gotten worse, I’m down to being a 1 person company. I no longer have time to research this sort of thing. It’s rare that I can even read Chris’s posts on the day they’re published anymore.

I’m frustrated. Between my newsletter, my website & ebay I’m doing 1/3 the business I did in 2000. And with ebay’s recent huge fee increases, declining ebay sales & shipping price limits there’s a very good chance I’ll be shutting down in 2009.


As I have had a couple of beers while licking my wounds and trying to get past the total destruction of my business, here is a full on Chris Lang, no holds bared, I don’t give a damn, to hell with you all take on what has happened to me for no reason.


I am really sorry to hear this. You were one of my first subscribers. It truly hurts me to hear of this.

At this point, although I am still up and running this has completely destroyed my business. I am so frustrated that I don’t know how to come back. Just when I really had a great product, incredible value and the reach to become a marketing force Trend Micro came out of nowhere and sent me back to anonymity.

I have lost my entire subscriber list due to false positive Trend Micro warnings. Worse yet, my own list then clicked the spam button on me making things worse.

True, this occurred after they saw the browser warnings. But come on, I have delivered incredible content for years. Make that FIVE YEARS!!! Right here on KeyWebData.

It amazes me the NO ONE contacted me and told me what was going on. It was my own refusal to go down with out a fight that led me to what I have written about Trend Micro false positives and the fact that I am still trying to help those that may have this dreadful turn of events happen to them.

What really worries me is how many other innocent marketers have lost just as much or more and never knew what happened.

NINE years of work, five software languages and the sacrifice of my private life, hell, any life in at all and now this. I have worked 80 to 100 hours a week for the last NINE YEARS just to be where I was at the time of my birthday and the world looked so good and the future so bright.

A brief history of Chris Lang

I started from nothing, practically living on the street in 1999. I worked as a waiter to pay the bills and decided to buy a computer to see if there was anything to this Internet stuff.

I became convinced that I could make a living here and never considered that it would end in failure no matter what occurred.

I sacrificed everything to get to where I was just three months ago. I got up every morning, 7 days a week for NINE years and read and worked at my computer.

I did not even buy a car as I came up from nothing. I rode a god damn mountain bike in the Arizona heat, 120 degrees worth just to save money so I could continue to learn and work at my computer.

I did not even have a social life, friends or anything but work and my business. Holy Freakin BaJesus I went without sex or even a date for longer that you will believe.

Then just this year, it all started to come together. I started getting where the social Internet was going. I figured out things that NO ONE else did. I had luck come my way that I still do not believe. I have used the devious, analytical skills that only a person that has done everything there is and failed at it all due to some bad turn of events could possibly have the world of hard knocks bestow on him.

Now, due to a FALSE POSITIVE that had no foundation and was completely unknown to me kicked my ass like no other event but one in my whole life.

Geff, I know your pain, the loss of a business that you built and were (were being the keyword here) successful at taken from you for no reason.

NEVER in NINE YEARS did I ever consider that I would ever be ready to walk away from what I have sacrificed any chance at a real life to attain: KNOWLEDGE and the vast amount of knowledge that I have built up over all this time.

To have some comprehension of what I am talking about, think back to where you were TEN YEARS AGO. I bet you have had your share of disappointments and failures too. But look around you. I am sure you have many things that mean so much to you:





I sacrificed EVERYTHING to get to where I was just three months ago. Everything that you hold dear I pushed aside to be able to become the extremely well versed Internet marketer that I supposed I was going to be.

Then, just as it has always been, some little turn of events takes ALL that I have worked for and FLUSHES IT RIGHT DOWN THE DRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had, gambled and lost more that most will ever have. If you truly know me you know my REAL story. I am good with all that has occurred. I cannot be beat and I will not give up.

However what has happened in the last three months is just a little too much for even me.

Due to a false positive as a Phishing site, this blog was blocked globally by Microsoft, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and Trend Micro anti virus Pc-Cillin filters.

Now I know why this blog, with my very detailed and indepth articles is totally ignored by any tech blog and I rarely see backlinks after working my ass off to research the articles I write.

This is what a tired, beaten and discouraged Chris Lang has to say when the gloves are off and I don’t care anymore:

FUCK YOU Trend Micro, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo that all blocked me for no reason and never even bothered to ask what the hell is going on. This is a FIVE YEAR OLD domain, not some fly by night piece of shit.

THANK YOU my loyal subscribers that don’t hesitate to ask for a free update to my latest social marketing package, even though you bought a differently priced book, under a different name 6 months ago.

THANK YOU to these same loyal subscribers that saw I was being incorrectly labeled a phishing site and never bothered to send me a measily email. It was another marketer’s subscriber that sent here a screen shot of the blocking or I would have never know what happened. I simply would have lost it all and been waiting tables again. AGAIN at 45 years old.

You would think that since I have been here for that amount of time I would not be deemed a rip off site at the drop of a hat.

Until this occurred, I had one spam button complaint in FIVE YEARS!!! Now my own double otp in subscribers click the spam button on me.

I thank you Geff, you are the ONLY one that has stuck by all this time.

At this point I am getting it all out and I could say worse and drag names thru the mud like no other. You KNOW who you are.

What will that get me? LAWSUITS, that’s what it will get me.

I VOW this is the last of it. I will NEVER mention this again. IT IS OVER! I will pick myself up, dust myself off and move on.

It is either that or quit, and I don’t care who you are…

Henry and Yoshi Gamboa, the con artists that stole my home, life and even my self respect 10 years ago.

The dumbass kids that I worked with waiting tables since that said I would never make it here.

My ex wife Kim, who did nothing but yell at me for spending so much time at this keyboard.

The Digg mafia who buried anything I posted till I told Digg to shove their crap.

Now, Plaxo, who has deleted my account with 1600 friends because of complaints due to browser warnings from Internet Explorer anti phishing filters. (again another false positive brought on due to the Trend Micro’s false positive)., who for no reason deleted the post from Email Jedi about the Trend Micro false positive.


This is the last and final straw. I will rebuild my business, move on or die trying.

And I SWEAR: I will NEVER MENTION THIS AGAIN. October 29th, 2008.

virtually yours, a rather humbled but none the less determined,

Chris Lang

P.S. Don’t like this? Poor spelling? Crappy writing skills? Go defrag yourself!


  1. Posted October 29, 2008 at 7:25 am | Permalink

    Well you sure have come a long way in this 9 years , well people like you sharing informatin maybe I can get to your place maybe in 5 years :) , As you said never giving up is the key to success

  2. Posted October 29, 2008 at 9:00 am | Permalink

    Actually Nashidha, until you wrote this comment I may have deleted the post. But somewhere publicly I had to get everything out that I said above and somehow move on. Also, it would be nice to look back on this from a better place and time and remember one of my lowest moments in my entire life.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Posted October 30, 2008 at 6:38 am | Permalink

    I know you are not mentioning it again, but the whole world seems upside down right now. I hear from E_ay power sellers that they have new management who are making it nearly impossible for them to maintain their businesses. I was a member of a coop group and they canceled our account until we comply (no more details will be given for fear of the Empire). E_ay did not know it was a co-op account. We meet once a week to “study” and explore how to earn some $$ on that site. We were lead by 2 power sellers.

    Into every life the dirt will collect and the injustices occur. I have gone into debt for my college education and worked 8 years at a job only to be told what I have to do in my “free” time. It seems we are to be one collective mind even after work.

    Chris I am sure you will bounce back. I can not for my life figure out how you were ever labeled to be a spammer. Wow!

    You are one of the few people on this www who goes out of his way to help people. Einstein said something like “great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

    What is next for Chris Lang?

  4. Posted August 5, 2009 at 4:18 am | Permalink

    It was the worst of times, it was the best of times…

    It has taken 8 months to get back up from when I wrote this post.

    I fell flat on my face in San Diego at my first live Seminar.

    I did not quit.

    I could not even give my Google Friend Connect Tactics away in January 2009.

    I did not quit.

    Jack Humphrey even JV’d with me on it in June 2009 and it still did not sell.

    Then even more bad stuff happened and over half my GWAVE members quit.

    I still did not quit.

    Now just tonight I sold a dead list 15 new memberships because I found my voice again. I am back to being the working class guy that tells it like it is and helps my subscribers and paying members alike.

    Coming back from nothing is better than than any sucess can ever be.

    Few times in my life have I ever been truly happy. This is one of the best days I will ever have on the Internet. Money means nothing! Learning new skills that you did not know you have is everything.

    Chris Lang is back and Gurus beware: GFC stands for Gurus Fear Chris Lang (and what he teaches his GWAVE SurfClub) :}

    Thanks to the few that stood by me. F*** Off to the people I begged for any work I could get the day after I wrote this post because I was homeless for a day only two days later.

    Know this, I helped you all understand what Google was doing but you will never use me and throw me away when you THINK you can not use me anymore. Those days are over….

    A piece of advice to you real people out there. The Internet is a fickle place. One day you are the shit and the next day you are shit on. Prepare for the worst, enjoy the best and never think it will end, be it the worst or the best of times.

    A brand new Chris Lang, although still somewhat humbled.