Win My Book, Software and Cordless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones

I will give you my book, the software and a pair of bluetooth cordless stereo headphones so you can listen to the four hours of audio that comes with my Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics for the best suggested upgrade to Promote My Site Suite

For the one person that can come up with the best suggestion for an additional feature set to be added to Promote My Site Suite I will give you everything I have and throw in a pair of stereo bluetooth headphones to listen to the now FOUR hours of audio that comes with my social marketing total solution.

Is Chris Lang’s stuff really worth my time? you ask…

You should ask questions like that and when you do the person better be able to answer them like this:

Hi Chris,

I’ve read your book, Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics, and highly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about getting tons of traffic through Social Media.

I will be recommending it to all of my coaching clients. I’ve even picked up some very handy tips myself!

Well done mate!

Sean Rasmussen
Internet Marketing Coach – Australia

You can read all the Chris Lang testimonials here.

Copywriter, Alexander Alaric is one of my main advisers and has hung in there with me on some long days getting most of the marketing process we have now developed here for my material. He spent even more hours interviewing me over the phone to get these new audio Mp3s ready for you and I am editing them right now.

That is the tough really part, me, listening to my own voice for ten hours a day while I edit fours hours of audio. I am NOT kidding.

Here is what you will get if you win:

Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics Tips, tricks and proven step by step solutions, 130 pages of step by step social marketing tactics, tutorials, software and links. No fluff, just my one of a kind whitehat social SEO.
value: Priceless


60 Minute Digg Rant / Interview with Chris Lang This is a 60 minute MP3 of Dr. Ron Capps Digg interview with Chris Lang talking about Digg whitehat tactics and how blackhat spam type tactics can kill your Digg submissions. value: $37


60 Minute Google Reader Interview with Chris Lang This is a 60 minute MP3 of Ken English’s BlogTalkRadio interview with Chris Lang talking about Google Reader and what the Google social network means to you. value: $37


60 Minute Google FriendConnect Interview with Chris Lang This is a 60 minute MP3 of Alexander Alaric’s interview with Chris Lang talking about how you can triple your blog subscribers with the Google FriendConnect and what Google’s Social Network means to you. value: $37


60 Minute Digg top 100 insider mastermind group results with Chris Lang This is a 60 minute MP3 of Alexander Alaric’s interview with Chris Lang talking about how you can pull the top users on Digg as mutual friends. value: $37

Impact Popup, sticky note software “Impact PopUp” is a simple Windows™ application that will guide you through the entire process of creating these dazzling, attention grabbing, popups. Simply point, click, and create … It really is that easy! value: $69.00

Squeeze Page Secrets In this condensed – NO Fluff – report you’ll discover the Top 10 Stupid Mistakes most Internet Marketers make regarding their squeeze pages… and what you must do every time to guarantee your optin success! value: $19.00

Psycho Headlines Why Do Some Headlines Fail? You can be assured that there is zero hype in the material you’re about to read. This is an eye opening report. You will learn: * The simplicity of writing headlines, * What are the psychological triggers to use, * Human psychology better than ever before. It is worth — and sold at, US $40 or more.

Smart DD. The chances are, someone has downloaded your product for free today by plundering your payment form… How To Stop Yourself From Being RIPPED OFF, While Using The Power Of Automated Digital Delivery To Dispatch Your eBooks And Software INSTANTLY and SECURELY, Saving Yourself Time, Embarrasment, And Hundreds Or Even THOUSANDS Of Dollars Per Year. value: $40.00

social marketing contest

Plus I will throw in these Cordless Blue Tooth Headphones so you can listen to the FOUR HOURS of Mp3audio with out giving away my secrets!

During business hours, the BT8010 functions as a fairly standard headset, albeit one with a cool OLED display and jog dial. When you want to get your groove on, you just connect the second earpiece and presto: stereo earbuds. Once you’ve experienced the joy of walking around with your phone in your pocket and music piping wirelessly into your head, you’ll never go back to corded headphones.

Then I will give you THREE MONTHS unlimited use of the amazing Digg profile building software that I detailed at the beginning of this page!

How does this all work you ask and what do I have to do? Not much…

1. Go to this page about the Digg analytics software.

2. Look it over and submit a comment about what you think is the best feature(s) or feature set we could ADD to the software.

Since it is a web application upgrades come as the programmer builds them so it is immediate distribution.

3. Next Tuesday we will send out one last reminder email to let you know we are closing the contest and we will announce the winner Wednesday morning in the morning email.

What if I already bought your book?

Many of you bought the book when it was $30 in it’s very early form and I have tried to give as many of you all upgrades along the way.

At this point I have finally gone with upgrades for life of this final build. It is now an unbelievable value and the price is enough that upgrades should be part of it.

If you bought the package recently at $97 I will refund your payment if you win.

If you bought at the $67 price (version 1.0) you get the 90 day free pass for the software, all the new bonuses and the completely updated book.

I am spending the day editing the new audio so you better get going on your upgrade ideas because after listening to my own voice for 20 hours straight I may just decide to beat my computer on the pavement and run away from home.

Submit your suggestions here in the comments section below:

Here is the Free Social Marketing Software
walk user guide.


  1. Posted October 17, 2008 at 11:23 am | Permalink

    I hear nothing but GREAT things about you.

    And yet whenever I come here, I cannot
    for the life of me navigate through this

    Maybe it’s the coffee.

    Or the Meth.

    But I just can’t do it.


  2. Posted October 17, 2008 at 11:31 am | Permalink

    This site is kind of getting to be a mess, thanks for letting me know you were having problems, Kevin.

    Here is the link you were looking for to the social marketing ebook package.

  3. Posted October 17, 2008 at 10:08 pm | Permalink

    Great competition, Chris.

    It will be a busy time for you keeping up with all the happy customers.

    I’m off to give your software a run.

    Have fun!

    Sean Rasmussen

  4. Dmitry
    Posted October 18, 2008 at 4:15 am | Permalink

    Chris, I sent you a payment via WU. Did you get it?