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Facebook Connect scores big with the first roll out of a FriendConnect portable social network. But where is Google?

After Facebook Connect took a big chance by dumping Google FriendConnect and going it alone, most of us thought it was a big mistake. But now, with the first full release of Facebook Connect on theInsider.com, Facebook has hit what I believe to be a home run.

Let’s take a look at the functionality of this first Facebook Connect site.

Step one: Login to your Facebook account


While they do use popup windows to interact with much of the Facbook Connect application, it is fast, fairly non intrusive and polished.


Once you are logged in you will immediately see the sidebar load all of your options and navigation links to add content to your profile, add friends and invite friends from both your online email address books and Facebook friends.


The home tab gives you a basic overview of your network.

The profile tab allows you to create the usual social type profile and will import quite a few things from your Facebook profile, like your pictures, and add the Facebook links like * Send Message, * Post to Wall, * Add to Friends. Nothing ground breaking but here is the kicker: I had a social profile set up in 2 minutes. How many times have you had to do this over and over again any time you joined an new social site?

The invite friends button does just what you expect but currently limits you to 20 friends. Choose wisely and pick the friends that you normally may not have personal contact with. This could help you establish a relationship with that top dog contact that you have not been able to get close to on Facebook.

The Inbox will show your mutual friends that are online right now.

The Online now section will show you Facebookers that are online now and NOT in your friends list. You can friend them right from the sidebar widget. NICE job Facebook and Insider! Very valuable.

The only things that I did not like is that when you click any of the Facebook links, say to “add friend” you are taken away from the page and not returned. I am sure this will be taken care of with the addition of AJAX links like most other sites (Facebook).

The home tab brings you to this page, pretty basic but as you participate it will fill up with lots of data.


The invite friends button in the sidebar in Facebook blue will open a window that Facebookers will recognize well. You can select 20 friends from your list to invite to theInsider.com.

Facebook Connect and Insider Connect Facebook Friends invite Facebook friends

When you are on a content page on theInsider, or on conceivably any soon to be enabled Facebook Connect site, you can click the blue Facebook “share” button and it will open a window that allows you to post a link and comment to your Facebook profile.


Or you can select the “send a message” tab and send an email to the members of a friends list that you have predefined and populated from your Facebook friends list. You just need to know the name of the list before hand. This will take some planning and could allow you to segregate your list by interests and demographics. Think Digg here.


The best piece of the Facebook Connect app here is the sidebar widget called “online now” since you can friend and message these currently active Facebook users that are currently on the site when you are.

Much better chance of getting friended back and how much more targeted does a social network friend get than one that is currently using the same site you are on?


Why the heck is Chris Lang bothering to tell me all this about a celebrity gossip site?

This is the very first offering of Facebook Connect. But this is the basic functionality of what we are going to see on Digg very soon. I want you to play with it here and see the future of how we are going to all ride the wave of the new social networking craze.

What will this bring to Digg and why should we care?

First of all your friends list is portable, so those of you who have large, powerful, responsive Facebook friends lists will be able to walk into Digg loaded for bear. Digg only allows a max friends list of 1000 and only a few hundred are ever very responsive and that is putting it lightly.

With a few thousand Facebook friends you will be able to show up the first day on Digg with a huge close knit friends list that will Digg your submissions way more than a Digg user who cannot compete with the 100 million Facebook users. Remember that Digg is not even a tenth the size of Facebook for active users or traffic.

Next, you will be able to make even more new, fresh and responsive friends on Digg thru Facebook Connect, easily expanding and freshening up your list. Look at how things work on theInsider. The Facebook users can be easily seen since they all have Facebook type links along side their profile names. Digg users won’t.

So even if your Facebook friends list is small or not real fresh you will be able to expand it quickly.

Not to mention I am now offering a free 90 pass on our new Digg management software that will help you to identify which of your Digg friends are Digging your submissions and responsive to your submissions.

If they are not voting on your Digg posts a high percentage of the time, our software will be able to quickly identify them and you can remove them from your list. Or if your friends list is old and many of their profiles have been abandoned their lack of participation will point this out and you can clean out your list of dead wood.

NOTE: If you received an email from one of my JV affiliate partners please use their link to purchase the book and software. The link below is for my subscribers and visitors, I do not want to take any hard working affiliates sales. Not my thing.

On top of that you can use the unique, whitehat Wickedly Evil Social Marketing Tactics and software that I have spent every waking minute of the last 10 months developing, testing and tweaking. Most of what is in my book I invented, not some old, lame been around since Digg was but an idea crap.

So play around with this beta version of Facebook Connect. Let your mind run with the possibilities that I and my mastermind group are seeing and think how you can use what you see to dominate Digg.

Then to ensure your success take a look at what I have here for you. I guarantee that if my tactics, software and expert advice don’t save you hours a day on Digg and at the same time triple your skills, you can have your money back and keep using the software for the next 90 days. This is how strongly I feel these tools will help you.

If you have any questions or comments please add them to the comments section below. I value your feedback over anything else.

Cheers! = Chris Lang


  1. Posted October 15, 2008 at 4:22 pm | Permalink

    OK, it is official, the social war is on. Google just pulled Ning into the Google OpenSocial corral, and Ning is huge.


    Think about this: Where did Facebook get $110 million in funding from?

    Where does Digg get the small advertising profit from when they can’t even turn a profit and can’t even sell the place at a garage sale on Craig’s List?

    Who owns theInsider.com? Where the first public application of a friend connect interface is now running?

    Who just launched a deal with the owner of theInsider.com to run Entertainment tonite content on a major web media destination?

    All the answers to those questions can be resolved with one household word.

    I am a PC, and my name is Digg, Facebook, theInsider and CBS.

    Read this:


    So that household name, that I you should have already guessed, who does not have a clear cut social marketing strategy of their own, is out to check Google. Google could have taken over the Internet with FriendConnect but now they are possibly only going to see a 50% market share due to Microsoft’s behind the scenes chess game.

    Let the social wars begin, meanwhile I will sell the information that makes us all money!

  2. Posted October 16, 2008 at 5:14 am | Permalink

    Thanks, Chris, for posting such valuable information. You broke the whole Facebook Connect site down and provided great info. I’m headed there now…Have a great day!
    Brenda :)

  3. Posted October 16, 2008 at 5:39 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the good words everybody, but wait till I show you what the software does on today’s post!

  4. Posted October 16, 2008 at 6:14 am | Permalink

    Hey Chris,

    Good work … I will be using you to follow what is going on as the next evolution of social connectivity unfolds.

    Good details here, I can see you’ve done your homework… keep it coming!

    – Charles

  5. Posted October 16, 2008 at 6:23 am | Permalink

    What I want to know is why is Google dragging it’s feet? They had a huge advantage and now Facebook may have pulled Plaxo over to the Facebook Connect camp.

    Google, go to the whip and beat those programmers like a tired horse at the Kentucky Derby finish line. You better watch those guys more closely, I think they are surfing porn instead of getting any work done. Get a truck full of Red Bull, open a Starbucks in the Googleplex and chain them to their cubicles.

    They way you are lallygagging and putzing around Google, Microsoft is going to catch you and all they seem to do lately is chase their tail and push Facebook Connect to their media partners. This is war and you better wake up or Facebook Connect is going to disconnect you FriendConnect and Google.

  6. Posted October 16, 2008 at 6:29 am | Permalink


    This is very interesting to see the division amongst the big players. It seems a line has been clearly drawn in the sand and there are only 2 sides…the Googlers and Microsoft.

    Wonder which side Yahoo is going to fall on and whether the ad serving deal with Google will have any influence on there decision?

  7. w
    Posted November 4, 2008 at 11:22 pm | Permalink

    There is noting “Open” about “Open” Social. It can only been seen for what it is; a plan by Facebook to continue to raise their revenue and values on backs of other sites content and members.

    Developers and content creators of the world, it is time to free yourselves from the share cropping model that is web 2.0.

    What will facebook give back to the developer community for their efforts ?

    Will face book share a percentage of the value that is created in their company with the developers and content creators that have added the most value.

    The value of that content creators and the developers add is something that is measurable. I doubt Microsoft invested close to a billion dollars in face book for their technology.

    How does developing for face book or integrating “Open” Social help anyone but facebook ?

    Why does developing for face book involve using non standard development methods when there are well known open source standards that could be used ? Because facebook like Microsoft and Google wants to be the standard and they want you to develop for their platform so that you can help them become the standard. I think we have seen this before; and we are still living with the repercussions.

  8. Posted November 4, 2008 at 11:38 pm | Permalink


    First off, OpenSocial is Google. It is just called Facebook Connect API on Facebook.

    You said “How does developing for Facebook or integrating “Open” Social help anyone but Facebook?”

    Lets see, a powerful Facebooker visits my Facebook Connected blog. He recommends the blog to his FIVE THOUSAND FRIENDS with a button click. I make lots of money. Need I say more?

    I have over TEN THOUSAND friends on networks that will use Google FriendConnect. I go to your blog and I love it. With a button click I send all TEN THOUSAND a link. You make lots of money. Any questions?

  9. Posted November 24, 2008 at 4:27 pm | Permalink

    how do you it? you seem to have your finger on the pulse of all the pertinent social mediums.

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