Digg and Google Photographed Smiling Like They Just Had Sex

Jay Addleson (digg ceo) and Larry Page (duh, google founder) at top corporate retreat

As the rumors still mount and actual lobbying by Google VPs for a Google / Digg acquisition continue, we still try to hope for the best. A clean up of the mess that is currently Digg would be welcome. They have become so over run by spam lately that I am seeing many sites get banned for no reason.

Jay Addleson, don’t you think you should clean house before you try selling Digg? Your most powerful users are some of the largest abusers. What is worse Jay, is that you don’t even care. You will ban the little guy for no reason and not even give us our day in court. But the Digg mafia still runs the show there and the Digg top 100 sell front page placement.

From the DealBook blog on The New York times “And who knows what to make of the sight of Jay Adelson of Digg and Larry Page chatting very happily” at Herb Allen’s annual mogul retreat in Sun Valley.

This retreat of corporate moguls has already produced one multi-billion dollar deal as Dow Chemical has agreed to buy Rohm & Haas for $18.8 billion, with a big slug of financing from Warren Buffett, the legendary value investor who recently arrived in Sun Valley.

An even better shot is this one of Jerry Yang (yahoo ceo) with Sergy Brin and Larry Page. Jerry, kinda looks like you are having a tough day.

Maybe it would help if you told Sergy and Larry that Google is already stale and most of us are tired of seeing the same tired old crap from 2006 still sitting there doing nothing at the top of search results. I usually use blog search anymore anyways. Google results suck lately.

That was Google’s last decent idea (blog search) and that was in 2005. Get it over with already guys, buy Digg, meld them into Google results and let us decide who is #1 in the search engines. After all it is our Internet, we built it, we pay for it, we use it, we should be able to tell you who ranks best by voting on it. Who are you guys to decide what we see in OUR search results?

Google has the top PHDs in the world writing the Google algorithms so why not use these guys to take the spam out of Digg and give us the first social search engine. In fact, Wikepedia beat you to it with this version here. All it needs is a Digg button next to results and it would be perfect. The problem is that it does not have enough traffic to be relevant.

The Bottom Line

If anyone cared about returning results that were relevant to users, then the next generation of search engine would be born, a social search engine.


  1. Posted July 11, 2008 at 10:50 am | Permalink

    Maybe I am very short sighted – but why do i care who owns Digg?

  2. Posted July 11, 2008 at 10:53 am | Permalink

    I could not agree more. I still give a look at some of my friends on Digg, But I have started to weed out the ones that send me shouts 20 times a day. Digg is just getting sicker and sicker. It is high time someone cleaned house in there.
    Kudos to you.
    To your success,

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    Digg already influences Google results highly. If Google buys Digg then they will use Digg rankings and Digg votes (Diggs) as an even more direct tool to rank blogs. They will also begin to use the things many do wrong in Digg as a negative indicator for Google rankings.

    Right now Google, to the best of my knowledge is not using the negative indicators to lower your rankings in Google. Whitehat participation is currently seen as a positive indicator. But especially if Google buys Digg and has full access to their algorithms things will change fast.

    I expect an October PageRank update to slapdown social bookmarking abuse. Becareful what you are doing and I would NOT be using social bookmarking site submitter software either.

    I just got off the phone with a SEO professional and every thing I have been saying he confirmed as the SEO communities feelings as well.

    That is what I teach in my book, all the things that I have learned to be the whitehat social bookmarking tactics. The profits that can be had are the wickedly evil part. Social participation can be monetized, but you have to know how.

    @Rheyanna, I am glad you feel the same about Digg :} Now if Jay and Kevin just felt the same way….

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    Back at you Chris, I also believe the slapdown will be harsh on those abusers. They are voting up garbage to get there friends to the top. There garbage digg shows up on them in the serps. It is going to be interesting.
    On another note, great tip for the blog search. I have been looking for a new one and I owe you for that one. Great job :-)

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    If I had a dollar for every math student who ever said, “What are we going to use this stuff for?” I would be part owner of Google today.

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    It’s always sad to see such a useful thing as Digg go down the road of “being just another Mindless Kiddie Club”. Digg could be a place for everyone, ranging from the Mindless Submitter who only wants to ‘get more diggs’ to the thinking person who sees the potential of Digg and utilizes it for a real purpose. Digg won’t allow that for Kevin Rose and Company are too set on forcing Digg users to submit and participate in more topics than the Digger may care to participate in. In other words, due to the Rose Policy… Digg is going to turn into another mindless group on the net filled with people who only care about being Dugg to fulfill their dreams of making it to the front page or even breaking into the Top 100 Diggers list. Hopefully if Google buys Digg, Google would stop that nonsense and turn Digg into a place for everyone once again.

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    Actually, I think the google algorithm implicility takes negative indicators into account. If you get voted down, you get fewer votes in total. You show up on fewer shout pages and digg histories. You show up on lower juice pages. It’s pretty clear they’re crawling the heck out of Digg, so your popularity on Digg will impact the amount of juice it pushes.

    OTOH, an article with a single vote with a completely unique term will show up in the google SERP in 15 minutes. Frankly, I don’t think social search will be any better than what we have now. Anything that relies upon the actions of humans is going to get gamed, I mean optimized….:}