Don’t Use Social Bookmarking Submission Software

Remember the old FFA sites and submitters? Now we have Social Bookmarking Submission Software

Holy frakin (bsg reference) crap, this is just way TOO ironic. I was just thinking about how I see social bookmarking software as the next FFA submitters and the “Submit you site to 100,000 search engines instantly” ads of 10 years ago.

Remember the old FFA sites and how they were ruined by FFA submitters? Well here you go, USAfreeads, the old FFA site is still around and what is advertised there? Social Bookmarking submission software.

For those of you who have not been around as long as us middletimers have, (ten years on the Internet does NOT qualify me as an old timer) FFA stands for Free For All and it they were basically free ad posting sites. They died a fast death when submitter software came along and then there was so much spam (no one used that word then) that they were simply overwhelmed.

Same thing for search engine submission software. But then anyone who was worth their salt submitted by hand then too.

Do you think Google is watching for signs of use of submission software? You betcha! (no I am not from Wisconsin)

The Bottom Line

Don’t buy or use this crap.


  1. Posted July 7, 2008 at 9:23 pm | Permalink

    Hi Chris,

    First of all, thank you for visiting my blog. :)

    I remember the old FFAs… By the way, the ad has been deleted from USAFreeAds. But I think I know which submitter was being promoted. If I’m right, it’s a very famous one. I know some bloggers who are glorified and idolised by thousands of readers because they advocate the use of such programs, which they promote via affiliate links, of course.

    Now, I have nothing against aff. marketing. In fact, there’s nothing wrong in wanting to make money. That’s what most people are after anyway, including yours truly. I simply think that one must always be realistic — and preferably tell others to be too. From what I’ve read on your blog, I assume you’re a realistic person. I’ve seen you stating that the tactics you write about are effective now but will lose effectiveness as time goes by, because more people will jump on the bandwagon. You’re not saying that people should blindly follow some automatic bookmarking tutorials to spam Google and make $5,000/month forever. You say that the automatic bookmarking party will be over soon and to me it makes a lot of sense.

    So, while those misguided fellows may be making thousands of dollars now, they are prone to lose their main source of income soon and they aren’t ready to deal with this. What’s worse: the bloggers who taught them to put all their eggs in this basket always claim that the tips found on their articles are all right with Google. Really? I don’t see why Google would support social bookmarking spam.

    I’ve added your book to my save-money-to-buy list. ;)

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    Hi Chris,

    For those of us who remember the FFA sites, will only too well remember the submission software as well. Search Engine Submission too… Aghhhhh… Good comments and I like your other sites too

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    While those misguided fellows may be making thousands of dollars now, they are prone to lose their main source of income soon and they aren’t ready to deal with this.

  4. Posted January 3, 2010 at 3:22 pm | Permalink

    I was actually looking for a good Social submitter software when I stumbled onto this post. I promise not to spam once I get hold of one! :)

  5. Posted February 14, 2010 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    Owh I never know about this issue. Currently I have been searching for free social bookmarking submitter. Thanks for this info and advice.!

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    You hit on some very controversial points, lets face it you will not gain popularity for being just a spammer throwing out major links all of the time. However if you are in this game to win. You had better get used to tools in this business. Classifieds still work, backlinks are the name of this game and nice balance between manual and submission is key.

    Take it from me I have been in this game an dif you are serious about niches and dominating for free traffic you will learn to build quality and quantity.

  7. Posted March 6, 2010 at 8:07 am | Permalink

    @Ryan, you might want to check the date on this article. It was published on July, 7th, 2008.

    Since then Google has slapped down every site using social bookmarking software just as I predicted.

    Everybody, Jack, Michelle MacPhearson and Howie all pulled their submission software. INSTANTLY! And this was no cheap junk, this stuff was grossing $250K for each of them. Gone instantly in January 2009. You tell me what happened there….

    Google knows what spam is and acts accordingly. The social bookmarking slapdown came very quietly in December 2008 and no one uses this junk anymore. If you do you can expect Google to slap you down soon.

    I you want to know more, just Google “google slap down 2008” or something like that. You can even see a video with MacPhearson talking about what she even called a slapdown.

    But I have to ask, have you ever been front page on Digg or StumbleUpon? It is much preferable to getting one Digg on a spammer account. Has a lot more SEO value too.

    Or yeah, using you main keywords as your name in comments makes you look like a spammer to. Your comment is totally green here, but doing things that comment spammers do is not going to make you any friends.

    At the same time using auto-submission software makes you look like a spammer. I could care less about classified ads, I like my top Google rankings. So either forsake Google for the sake of other traffic, or protect your future in Google. Up to you :]

  8. Posted May 21, 2010 at 2:24 am | Permalink

    What’s your point with this? Are you saying us to stop submitting sites to bookmarking sites? I see submission software as an aid to save time. I do not like spam, and I do not like spending all day submitting sites to all mayor social bookmarking sites. Moreover, a single bookmark won’t mean anything in a bookmarking site like delicious. Wake up pal, everyone cheats in the SEO world even you. Who are the guys who reach front page on Digg? Generally, I only see popular sites reaching the home page; sites that have authority and high rankings on search engines. Small sites will not reach front page on Digg or delicious no matter if they have the best content in the world. In order to make all natural we must make us visible to the world: posting on forums, commenting on blogs and bookmarking of course without spamming. Natural stuff will come later once our content have been read.

  9. Posted May 21, 2010 at 6:31 am | Permalink


    What I am saying first of all is you should not be submitting your own sites.

    I can any get content that is worthy of the front page on Digg on the front page of Digg.

    Normal stuff never comes later when it’s you submitting your own stuff.

    Google can see that you submit your own content and will give you no credit for the submission, link or votes.

    Besides, how many votes are you getting, like 3 Diggs? 5 Mixxes? Are you front page on any social bookmarking site? Are you submitting SEO articles to Digg? If you are then you are really barking up the wrong tree. I suggest you Google “digg mafia” and then discover what is really going on, on Digg.

    If you are not front page, if you site is not getting 30K in visitors, if you are not making at least 5K a month, then you are doing it wrong.

  10. Posted May 21, 2010 at 7:11 am | Permalink

    Ok let me go straight to this, first off, to start promoting our new sites, we must submit our content otherwise nobody will know about it. If people like what we are submitting then they will start voting for it. Here is the deal with Social sites as Digg and stumbleupon: They are full of SEOs and webmasters not interested in the content of other sites but interested on reaching front page on Digg or having a thumb up on stumbleupon to get traffic. Unfortunately, social sites like Digg are not for all websites, in my case search engines are my only option because the type of websites I am running. You are saying that we must not submit our own content, but that is a contradiction because we are forced to promote our websites. Let suppose that I have this website with great unique content, so should I stop promoting it? If I build it, they will come?

    Do not take me wrong but this is all about marketing and making public relations. And posting our website content is a way to promote it.

  11. Posted May 21, 2010 at 7:26 am | Permalink

    Daniel, you have allot to learn about how social bookmarking sites work.

    Plain and simple, if you are pushing your own sites on Stumble especially you are only hurting the domain’s future there.

    Secondly, I am guessing you did not Google “digg mafia” because these guys hate people like you. That is why you will never do well on bookmarking sites, they all have their mafia that watch for anyone subbing their own content.

    Unless you get a few hundred votes of go front page, you are really wasting your time with this.

    Why not try building an email list and some incoming links for your new sites instead of spamming bookmarking sites?

    Social bookmarking sites are not search engines that you need to submit to and no one there cares about your content.

    Social bookmarking campaigns should be orchestrated and planned, not just blindly submitting everything you publish and not subbed by your self.

    Lastly, spamming social bookmarking sites is not promoting the site, it is spam for self promotion.

    If the content is so good why not get some incoming links to the site and some real traffic. 30 visitors from Digg is not promotion, it is pathetic.

  12. Posted May 21, 2010 at 7:53 am | Permalink

    You are right I am do not really know that much on social networks. Despite I have promoted my websites on old fashion way(Directory Submission, Article submissions, forum posting etc.)with success, I don’t really know that much about social networks. To be true, I have never spammed. It seems your blog provide valuable information about social networks. Can you recommend me any relevant post to start on?

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    The key point here is the risk of being banned by Google in result of excessive social submitting