Guess why my host deleted my incoming email….

If you don’t think that your emails are being deleted just look at the spam folder on your host’s server.

I just did today and here is what I found.

It’s a shocker!

My host recently installed a new mail server software on my KeyWebData site.

Merek mail server is the actual program.

It was preset to the default settings.

In less that 10 days it deleted…..

  • Barnes and Noble’s latest offer

  • Cnet news (10)

  • EzineAdAutions Authority Ezine (2)

  • Eric Peterson’s Web Analytics newsletter

  • NY Times Daily Headlines (10)

  • My friend’s email from Gmail

  • My Bank’s newsletter

  • My credit card merchant account notifications

  • AWeber’s subscriber notifications

  • My GoDaddy domain renewal notice

This is all pretty important stuff for me. It does not seem important to my host or their filters. Of course I turned off the spam filters.

Challenge response is offered as well but is set to off by default.

I keep seeing news releases that the spam filter situation is getting better.

Email gurus tell me email is not a dying medium.

Just look at what was deleted / sent to the spam folder.

These are some pretty skilled emailers and big corporations.

Do you think it is getting any better?

How many web site owners do you think would notice the demise of important emails
and delve into the webmail interface to see what is going on?

Would they notice the deletion of your newsletter?

Do you wonder if RSS is really going to be a solution to this problem?

I don’t. I know it is. – Chris Lang