How to Get More Diggs and How to Do It Right

How to get more Diggs and why you should not give up after you already did Digg wrong!

One of my friends from Social Marketing Central, my home social marketing group, posted How to get more Diggs.

My response is pretty simple here, the same thing my ex-wife used to say “It would work better if you did it right!”

Let’s return to day one training here…..

I use social bookmarking sites to create backlinks to my site and to make friends and strategic alliances for future ventures.

How can you think that submitting you blog to Digg and then sitting there felling sorry for yourself because you got no Diggs is going to get you any Diggs or create any backlinks?

How can you think that that is all I do?

How can you not buy my 100 page book on social bookmarking strategies because you never got more than a few Diggs so you gave up?

“Oh poor me, I didn’t get any Diggs so I will put my tail between my legs and feel sorry for myself. I won’t buy Chris Lang’s book because no one likes me and the other kids at Digg don’t want to play with me.”


It’s that simple, in a week you will be able to get 100 Diggs on any of your blog posts. I am even offering it for half price from SMC, Malathy! If you can’t afford it email me so, and I will give the darn thing to ya!

How to get more Diggs without really trying

That right there is why you have no Diggs, you never tried to get any. How many Digg friends do you have, Malathy? How many other Digg posts do you rate? How many other Digg posts do you comment on? Are you antisocial?

Okay, I am going to get your blogspot blog ranked #1 in blogsearch and somewhere in the top ten for the term “how to get more diggs”, in Websearch. It is a lightly searched term, but it does have traffic and is fought over by myself and others at Google.

UPDATE: #1 9:14 AZ time. Right now, a Sphinn post for your blog Malathy, is #2 for “how to get more diggs” on Blogsearch. You are #1 in Websearch for “Think again before submitting to social bookmarks”, Webseach, not Blogsearch. I am doing what I do to get my content traffic. Watch what happens as the day progresses. Part of your problem is your title tag sucks, if you had used a term that is searched you would be getting traffic already. Instead I am now trying to get you ranked under a valid term that is not in your blog post. Just makes it more interesting!CLOSE UPDATE:

UPDATE: #2The Sphinn post is now #11 under Websearch for “how to get more diggs”. If you had researched your keywords and used a phrase that had traffic I could have ranked you well under that, but since you did not, I am having to wing it here.

However, think about this: If Digg has 5 million users and the average number of posts, from the Digg top 100 to the user who no longer participates is 1 post per day, that is 5 million posts.

How can you possibly expect that Google will see your 1 link in Digg in 5 million others as a backlink to your site. In fact if you submit your site to Digg and no one else Diggs it, I have come to feel that is a negative indicator in Digg’s eyes. the worst thing you can do is submit your Digg posts yourself and then get no Diggs.

One of my friends on Social Marketing Central wrote an article that went hot on the Internet. He got like 1500 visitors in a few days and 80 comments. The bad news is that he only got 18 Diggs. Now tell me this: Don’t you think that Google, that has access to the popularity of posts on Digg just like we do, would not see 1500 visitors and 18 Diggs a negative indicator of this blog and the blog post itself?

I can easily get 100 to 200 Diggs for any article I want in Digg in 2 days. I do that through my own strategies and participation.

So social bookmarking, if done wrong can actually hurt you. Social marketing is about being social, so be social on social bookmarking sites, don’t just submit you own content and expect that this will bring you results.


  1. Posted June 12, 2008 at 10:31 pm | Permalink

    Overall the people on Digg, as you pointed out, are not sitting by with baited breath just awaiting “you” to submit a post just so they can rush to Digg “your” posts. These Diggers are there for reasons of their own and, believe it or not, some may not even care if their posts get a huge number of Diggs. They may be there just to waste a little time and post a few items they find interesting.

    Digg is not a very good place for posting SEO or Social Marketing items, despite what some people say. That has been proven many times over. This means anyone involved in the Internet Marketing Fields simply have to take the old Hertz Rental Car approach and adopt the motto of “We Try Harder”. We have to be a little more clever than those who are simply their to post Celebrity News or Weird News.

    You offer a lot of good advice, Chris, and I’ve seen where people actually benefited from what you have shown them. We don’t always agree, there are definitely some things you and I will probably never agree on, but I do tend to agree with you on the things which are a with-in your area of expertise.

    The fact is that you are an internet marketer with a product to sell. This is your livelihood and like all good businessmen you aren’t going to give away your entire product line for free. We all ought to understand that fact. I can attest to the fact that you give away a lot of information free of charge, sometimes I think you give away too much, but that is your way and it seems to work for you. The tactics you teach for free through your posts and blogs definitely help, you don’t tend to give people advice on what to do and leave out vital parts which stops them from getting some results. However if these people want real results I would advise the following:

    1. Be willing to read and understand what you say
    2. Be willing to put forth the time and effort required to improve.
    3. Buy the Freakin’ Book. I did and it was well worth the money to me.

    Things they should avoid are:

    1. Not falling prey to the “Instant Gratification” bug.
    2. Only following a part of what you say, then whining about it not working.

  2. rachel
    Posted July 25, 2008 at 6:12 pm | Permalink

    i want the book but i cannot afford it lmao xD
    gimme gimme !

  3. Posted July 26, 2008 at 5:26 pm | Permalink

    Rachel, we can do a trade if you like. What services do you provide? Do you have a gift card that you previoulsy purchased? How about a GB of DDR2 RAM? We can work something out, let me know.